Profit Share

Profit Share (DOOM) now known as “Cash”


I can only say that if anyone had told me that at the age of 58 I would be the owner and riding a 6 year old off the track racehorse, I would have never believed them. Having had a life long association with horses, a love for the interaction and honesty they require. I found myself missing the routine, bond and affirming strength which comes with owning a horse of any shape or size.


My last companion ‘Nero’ an Anglo Arab 16.2hh was part of my life for 28 years bred from the first horse I owned. Over the years my knees have weakened and after Nero (aged 28 and frail) was put down in 2010, I thought my horse riding days had come to an end. Then, through a series of circumstances, I spoke with Lee, initially about another possibility, she said she had a gorgeous boy who has just been retired and I should come over and look at him.


This is the photo (left) Lee took at our first meeting; it was love at first sight. The only thing I couldn’t love was his paddock name, derived from his sire “Doomsday”. After many suggestions from family and friends, I decided Johnny Cash wore black, sang a song about a boy named Sue and the result of Profit Share would be CASH!


With Lee’s patient guidance he arrived at my property on the 25th of July. We let him go in the paddock and he went galloping which made me question my purchase. He very soon settled in and Lee’s judgment was correct, he is a sweet boy.


Riding him is unbelievable, to get on I use a stepladder, 4th step up puts me just above him. I lower myself into the saddle and he stands stock still until I have my feet in the stirrups and my hands ready only then when I ask him to move on he does. He walks slowly as if he knows i'm fragile. He has a soft trot and a lovely canter, he has never attempted to take off but I can feel the power of his ability to gallop to the finish line should he decide to.


I can't recommend an off the track racehorse to everyone in a similar position. Experience, respect and understanding of where they have come from is imperative. What I can say is that a senior person should never give up the possibility of retaining their connection with horses but should pursue their passion and be guided by people like Lee.


Lee's obvious knowledge and excellent work ethic places you in the prime position of advocating the right horse, once their racing career has ceased, to the right future.


I thank you and I’m certain Cash thanks you.


Kindest Regards,



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Profit Share

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