Key Staff



Michael Leonard - Finance & Operations Manager



Mick is Darren’s Operation Manager and he oversees the running of both the office and stable complex. Mick is also our financial guru and he has been invaluable in contributing to the growth and success of Forest Lodge Racing. Having previously owned an accounting firm in Ballarat, Mick’s financial knowledge is outstanding. He has his own trainer’s license and operates Millwater Agistment Farm at Millbrook, where we spell many of our horses.










Simon McCartin – Racing Manager


Simon has been involved with the racing industry from a young age through his father who is a hobby trainer. Simon has a passion for the racing industry and enjoys all aspects. Simon helps to keep the owners up to date with the progress of their horses and this allows Darren to focus more on training. He is involved with progress reports, pre- and post-race reports and day to day tasks such as nominations, acceptances and engaging riders. After years of being in the position of Assistant Racing Manager Simon will assume the top role as of April 2018.










Sam Scally - Assistant Racing Manager



Sam Scally originates from Geraldton in WA, and like many of the staff at Darren’s, he enjoyed an upbringing which involved horses. Although he gave away riding at young age, Sam maintained a deep interest in racing through his father who is a hobby trainer. After a short stint as an auditor in an accounting firm in Far North Queensland, he surrendered to his passion of racing and made the big move south to Ballarat. Sam now assists Simon in the day to day racing operations and, although still learning the caper, he feels he is in a great environment to learn quickly and correctly.









Angela Taylor-Moy – Foreperson


Angela has been a part of Forest Lodge since first linking up with Darren when he was still training from Stawell. When Darren shifted from Stawell to Ballarat, Angela followed to continue her association with the stable. Angela is a key track rider and also works closely with our veterinary team every morning to help ensure all of the horses are healthy and sound. Angela also holds her own trainer’s license, and she was a finalist for the Dedication To Racing Award in the 2017 Godolphin Stud and Stable Staff Awards.









Johnno Bower – Foreman, Ballarat



In conjunction with Angela, Johnno plays a key role in the day to day running of our main stable in Ballarat. Whilst Johnno previously rode track work for the stable, he now plays a vital link in ensuring the morning routines are completed in an organised and timely manner. Johnno is devoted to making sure the health and wellbeing of all horses and staff are number one priority.










Jarrod McLean - Foreman, Warrnambool


Jarrod has been stable foreman at Warrnambool since 2015. He was a successful trainer at Yangery in his own right but said the opportunity to work for Darren was too good an opportunity to knock back. He has retained his trainer’s licence which allows him to keep a few of his own horses in work. Jarrod and Darren have been good friends for more than 10 years so he was the obvious choice when it came finding the right foreman to oversee Darren’s Warrnambool stables.









Luke Archibald – Account Manager


Luke plays a vital role in compiling the monthly accounts. Luke is very efficient in his work and is always happy to assist with any account enquiry. Luke is quite often seen at the trials taking notes or chauffeuring Darren to the races. Luke also works part-time as a finishing judge for Harness Racing Victoria.








Andrew Cust – Veterinarian



Since joining the Ballarat Veterinary Practice Andrew has been the number one vet for Forest Lodge. Andrew’s previous experience includes working with the Macau Jockey Club, Racing Victoria, and Harness Racing Victoria. Andrew is 100% dedicated to the welfare of Darren’s horses.











Travis Croser – Farrier


Travis came to Forest Lodge in 2012 after completing a four year apprenticeship with the team at Lindsay Park, South Australia.

Travis is a dedicated hard worker who has a great eye for attention to detail, making sure all horses feet are correct and fitted out accordingly.